I couldn’t believe it – We needed this

just another dayMy story started like this. It was one beautiful day of Monday morning, and I was going to have a day simple work at the restaurant that I won. I drove to the restaurant that day and as I was in a superb mood something occurred my good behavior.

I was looking around to see if everything was clean and ok, and as I walked through the parking lot, I couldn’t help but notice the stains and dark spots on the concrete on the asphalt.

An unclean parking lot was an utterly broken thing for me because the first thing that I care about when it comes to my business is how I portray myself to my costumers and how I let them have the first impression when coming to my restaurant.

This restaurant is my life’s work, and having Patricia, a regular customer of mine, telling me that I have to work and to clean my parking lot was a disturbing thing because as I said, these kind of stuff are the first ones that I try to avoid. I couldn’t stand the feeling that “it was time for wash” and I didn’t have enough time left to clean that alone before our guests would arrive from a foreign country the next day.

I felt terrible I thought myself lost, and I didn’t know how this could happen to me. I stayed there for like 30 minutes to make up my mind and try to find a solution to my problem since the guests were arriving the day after.

Fortunately, the answer came fast to my mind when I remembered that my friend Andrew, owner of ViperTech Mobile, does pressure washing, and I gave him a quick call to see if he is busy. I can say I was lucky because he said he was busy but he could come the day after before my guests would arrive. I tried myself to wash the parking lot, but it was all sticky and hard to clean. I was barely optimistic to the fact that Andrew would succeed.

The next day when he showed up, within the first hour he had my parking lot cleaned and looking brand new. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Fortunately, my good friend Andrew does pressure washing, and I gave him a quick call. He showed up in 24 hours, and within the first hour he had finished cleaning my parking lot, and it was looking brand new.

Just check him out in action here:

He told me that his washing under pressure technique was magic. I couldn’t believe my eyes that Andrew was the only man who saved my business at that time. I must confess, is an awful feeling to see how things go wrong, and you can’t do anything to help them get better.

As to put it, in a nutshell, I would like to recommend all of you to use pressure washing because it’s fast and easy to use, but also call a specialist to do it for you. Also, Andrew created another company called Seabrook Pressure Washing My luck was that I knew Andrew, and he was my friend and willing to help at any time. I must say that I am glad that he helped me, and I’m also thankful because he was the only one to help me when I was in trouble and alone.